The best free temporary/disposable email service - Spambox

There are a lot of spammers out there these days and they mostly get their hands on peoples email addresses when someone registers at some random forum or website using their email address. The spammers either buy these address from rogue websites and forums or they hack their way in. So there you are receiving a dozen unwanted emails a day!

The best way around this problem is to get a disposable email address which shields your actual email address from whoever you are registering with, using a fake or proxy email address. Then all the emails received on that fake email address are forwarded to your actual email address.

 Now there are a lot of websites and companies offering this very functionality but some of them are not free, some have limited time till the address expires, and some charge to forward the emails to your actual email address. But there is one service out there which offers all of this for free! Spambox!

All you have to do is go to the website and click "Generate". Now generate the fake email address by entering your actual email and the duration of the fake email address and there you go. You'll get a fake email address like
Now all the emails sent to this fake address get forwarded to your actual email address. You can put out the fake address anywhere without the fear that you will be spammed. If you are ever spammed, go to the Spambox website and simply "Cancel" your disposable email address and you're free from spam!

There is one catch however, the disposable email address created by Spambox expires after a year at most, so you will have to extend it after 1 year by going to their website, which is again free of course.

Believe me readers, this is the best and easiest way around to get rid of spam because if the spammers get hold of your actual email then there is nothing that can be done. So take precautions now instead of having to deal with all of that spam each and every day.


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