How to remove Windows Genuine Advantage(WGA) Notification

Recently Microsoft has decided to implement strict copyright checks onto the Windows platform and unleashed a revamped Windows Genuine Advantage(WGA) Program in order to protect their falling profits. WGA is more dynamic this time and more annoying as well if you get stuck with it. It makes you wait on startup and displays periodic notifications like these for as long as you are logged in (yeah I know how much it pisses you).

The manual removal methods all over the internet are tedious and the notification often comes back using these. So, here's the one click method to get rid of WGA notifications. I use this great freeware called "muBlinder" or Microsoft Update Blinder.

Before you begin, download and install .NET Framework v2.0 from here, other wise you'll get an application error.Now put muBlinder.exe in a new folder and run it. Go to "Notification" tab. This is what you see, if you are infected with WGA notification.

Click on "Method 1" preferably. The notification will be removed and the WGA notification update will be removed from your Windows Update.

Now if it shows something like this, you're done. If not then try clicking method 2.

Now when you are updating Windows using Windows Update make sure this update does not show up in the list and you do not install it. If it shows, you should manually hide it using the options so that it does not get installed again.

I am putting up muBlinder for download but you will have to register at "p2pLife Forums" to download the updated version once Microsoft tries something else to make the WGA work.

Now the interesting thing is that muBlinder can do much more than removing the WGA notification, so I've made another post to cover these features. Here's the link. 

How to Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage(WGA) Validation Tool and Install Windows Updates using Microsoft Update Blinder(muBlinder)

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