How to convert any file to a PDF

It is often required to email files to friends or colleagues and they do not have the appropriate software to open the file for example you need to send an MS Office file to a person who has an older version installed. The best solution is to convert the file into Portable Document Format (PDF), whether it is an image, a text file, a webpage or any other file that can be printed.

This can be done by using a software called doPDF. It is freeware and can convert any file or webpage into a PDF file. After you have installed the software, it will appear as printer in "Printers and Faxes" in "Control Panel". Select print from any file you want to print and you will get this window.

Select "doPDF" from list of printers and click on "Print". It will ask you where to save the pdf file, select a location and press "OK". The file will be converted to PDF.

Here is a video on how to create PDF files with doPDF from any file.

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