7 easy ways to unlock a PDF file

Portable Document Format (PDF) is increasingly becoming a popular way of exchanging all types of documents, everything from web pages to ebooks and spreadsheets. But sometimes the content in these PDF files are restricted or they are protected using a password. So I,ll show you a list of ways to remove these restrictions and unlock a PDF file. Some of these are softwares and some are free online tools.

PDF Unlock is a free online tool if you want o remove restrictions from a file and copy/edit content from the file. Just upload the file and you will get the unrestricted file. 

Free PDF Unlock Online Utility is also a similar online tool. It opens the PDF file in a new browser window after cracking it. 

PDF Pirate also an online utility removes restrictions from the uploaded file and returns it through a download

PDF Filler is an online tool which lets you upload any PDF file and start editing and adding text to it and filling PDF forms. 

Freeware PDF Unlocker is an installable software which removes restrictions from the PDF as well as the passwords which prevent you from accessing the file.

PDF Password Unlocker 3.0 is a shareware which lets you recover and remove PDF file access passwords. It also removes copy/edit restrictions. 

PDF to Word Converter is also a shareware which allows you to extract text from PDF files and effectively convert them to text files.

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Stephen Murphy said...

Thanks for the useful post. I prefer a desktop app and a friend recommend AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover to me since it can remove the restrictions of pdf files in one click. And I can copy or quote the content without any hassles. Hope you like it too.

id_cegep said...




PrplHaz4 said...

For anyone having issues with this solution, I've found a way to get it working with some of the newer PDF versions.

1. Download/Install Freeware PDF Unlocker via http://free-pdf-unlocker.en.softonic.com/download
2. Download current version of GhostScript http://www.ghostscript.com/download/gsdnld.html
3. Extract GhostScript LIB and BIN files (from the exe - 7zip can do this) into main install directory of Freeware PDF Unlocker, overwrite everything it asks
4. Follow all of the other instructions to run the app against your PDF
5. Enjoy those protected docs on whatever device you use that has poor PDF DRM support (iDevices/TouchPad/SonyReader...etc)

Brent said...

I prefer to use this PDF password recovery software:

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