Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity

Sitting for hours and hours in front of the screen, holding the mouse and clicking constantly can cause you a lot of fatigue. That is because focusing a very small mouse pointer on a relatively large screen takes a lot of concentration when we are talking about hours of browsing!
I realized this fact and began looking for an alternative, which obviously was the keyboard shortcuts. Firefox has a lot of support for keyboard shortcuts and you can actually browse all the way without a mouse. I,ll be covering very few shortcuts but they will eliminate a lot of mouse-work since they are repeatedly used.

Tabs and Windows
Ctrl+T Opens a new tab. The cursor is present in the address so you can start typing the URL right away.

Ctrl+N Opens a new window.

Ctrl+(1 to 8) goes to tab 1 to 8 e.g. Ctrl+1 takes you to the first tab.

Ctrl+W Closes the current tab and shifts to the previous one.

Ctrl+Tab Shifts to the next open tab.

Ctrl+Shift+Tab Shifts to the previous tab.

Ctrl+Shift+T Opens the last closed tab, since Firefox has the feature of opening recently closed tabs.


Alt+Home opens the homepage.

Alt+Left Arrow goes back one page.

Alt+Right Arrow goes forward one page.

Ctrl+L Moves the cursor to the location bar.

Ctrl+Enter completes the URL by adding "http://www." at the beginning and ".com" at the end of the typed keyword.

Ctrl+D Bookmark current webpage.

F5 Refresh webpage.

Ctrl+F5 Refresh webpage (override cache).

Ctrl+F finds text on the current page. *

F3 find next word.

Ctrl+F3 find previous word.

* Firefox 3 also has a Quick Find feature. For using Quick Find you just have to start typing while you are on a webpage and Quick Find will pop up and start searching for text on the page as you type away. The Find Next(F3) and Find Previous(Ctrl+F3) shortcuts work with quick find also, so you don,t have to open up Find every time by pressing Ctrl+F.

Happy Browsing with Firefox!!

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