8 Best Firefox add-ons


I have been using Firefox for a good two and a half years now and have collected a very useful set of add-ons. They help a lot with productivity and sometimes add features that are missing in Firefox or do away with those I don,t like. So I,ll be covering some of my favorite add-ons for you.

1. Download Statusbar 
Download Statusbar does away with the conventional Firefox download manager which pops up  as an annoying window whenever a download
starts.With Download Statusbar a small bar appears above the statusbar. It displays downloads as partially filled icons in the bar showing download progress and speed in a very neat fashion. Hovering over the icon displays the download details like URL etc.

2. Xmarks
Xmarks allows backup and automatic synchronization of your bookmarks to xmarks server. It also supports synchronizing all your stored passwords. Xmarks requires you to make an online account with them to secure your bookmarks and passwords. If you ever lose you bookmarks, it takes only a few clicks to download them.

This great add-on can automatically backup the complete Firefox environment and user profiles. You won,t ever again have to worry about losing your customizations, toolbar placements and preferences if Firefox gets corrupted or if you have to reinstall windows. FEBE can backup your cookies, browser history , form fill history ,userChrome files , bookmarks, add-ons and themes. When you carry out a clean install of Firefox, just install FEBE and you won,t have to install all the add-ons or change preferences etc. FEBE optionally allows backups to be uploaded to Box.net.

4. Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus is one of the most useful Firefox add-ons. It uses free online black-lists to block ads and pops. You can blacklist specific URLs or just right click on a frame or image on a site which you think is an ad and remove it for good.

5. Smart Bookmarks Bar

Smart Bookmarks Bar allows you to customize the Firefox bookmarks toolbar, adding a lot to your productivity. It can auto-hide the bookmarks bar to maximize screen space. You can make the bookmark icons small and tweak the distance between them. It hides names of the bookmarks, showing names when you mouse over. The arrangement shown in the screen shot can be used to access bookmarks very quickly.

6. CyberSearch
CyberSearch allows you to easily tweak some capabilities of the Firefox 3 location bar (a.k.a. awesome bar). With Cybersearch when you start typing into the location bar, Google search results(ones with the Google icon) of the phrase or keyword start appearing alongside your bookmarks and history. You can also configure what entering a particular keyword does. You can search specific domains for your keywords right from the location bar! Moreover you can control number of results appearing in the location bar and you can disable some default features of the location bar as well.

7. Open IT Online
Open IT Online is practically the whole Office Suite in your pocket. All you have to do is upload the file or right click and select open with Open IT and It,ll ask you whether you want to download the file or view it online. It takes only a few seconds and your file be it excel spreadsheet or word document, is in front of you in your browser.

8. PDF Download 
PDF download does away with the problem of Firefox getting stuck whenever one clicked a pdf file. It shows you a handy message box asking what to do with the pdf file. You can download it, view it using your default reader or view it online as HTML. However the best feature is that you can save any webpage to pdf format by selecting "Save webpage as PDF" from file menu. The webpage is converted online and a link to the pdf file appears in a new window. It exactly replicates the webpage, click here to see my blog converted to pdf. Looks super pretty, isn't it!

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